1 Launcher Starter Package


Not sure what to get? You can start with this and add more launchers later.

  • 1 Air Actuated Launcher
  • 1 Box of rockets with fins

Once you have your rockets and launcher all you will need is an air compressor, scissors, and glue!

Air Actuated Launcher:

  • This launcher is designed to work at pressures up to 90 psi
  • Never requires batteries
  • Includes a ¼” industrial air compressor fitting
  • 5/32″ air tubing
  • 5/32″ push connections
  • You can launch most plastic 20 oz and 2 liter bottles (with or without water in them) using the bulbed launch rod (included)
  • We recommend using 60-70 psi for rockets and 70-80 psi for plastic bottles
  • Not recommended for use with a bicycle pump

Rockets with Fins:

  • Box of 100 rockets with 10 assorted colors
  • Nose cones have been glued in
  • 1 Bundle of fins ready to shape and attach
  • Use only on flat level ground and not on any raised surface
  • Use only with Adult supervision