Air Actuated Launcher

Air Actuated Launcher


Air Actuated Launcher

  • This launcher is designed to work at pressures up to 90 psi
  • Never requires batteries
  • Includes a ¼” industrial air compressor fitting
  • 5/32″ air tubing
  • 5/32″ push connections
  • You can launch most plastic 20 oz and 2 liter bottles (with or without water in them) using the bulbed launch rod (included)
  • We recommend using 60-70 psi for rockets and 70-80 psi for plastic bottles
  • Not recommended for use with a bicycle pump

Note: Because of problems with the manufacturer of the tubing we have switched for 1/8″ tubing to 5/32″. We no longer carry the 1/8″ tubing or connections. To determine the size of the tubing that your launcher uses please check the top of the push connection on the top of the valve.

If needed it is easy to upgrade to the new size. You can order the parts from us then you simply unscrew the push connections from the top of the valve and from the end of the button and replace them with the new push connections and tubing.

When launching plastic bottles:

  1. Screw on the launch rod that has a slight bulge in the middle.
  2. Push the bottle down on the launch rod until snug (do not pound it on).
  3. Hold in the button until the rocket pressurizes and launches this can take up to 20 seconds.

When launching stand back and never hit the bottle as it is under pressure and may split or explode. Most bottles will hold up for about 5-10 launches before they start to wear out and will no longer hold pressure.

Note: When connecting more than one launcher to the same air compressor we recommend that all the launchers being used are the same type and have the same pressure requirements. If you need to use launchers with different pressure requirements you will set the pressure coming out of the air compressor to 60 – 70 psi and use an inline regulator after the air actuated launcher(s) to bring the pressure down to 30 – 35 psi for the wired launcher(s)

  • Use only on flat level ground and not on any raised surface
  • Use only with Adult supervision 
  • Not recommended for use with a bike pump because of the amount of pumping required to attain the proper pressure.